On the road...

By johnsmiley1321


Stop here if you don't want to know about reality. Warning gruesome:

Today was a real good day until I had to do the quarterly training. Some of it was just routine reminders but then...

Suicide by truck is on the rise. Not just cars going head-on but by people intentionally walking out in front of us. One driver lost his life when he did the human thing and swerved - two people died that night. 

There rarely is just one reason somebody ends their life but the way our country is going, the layoffs, the losing of their apartments / homes, can't afford a meal, can't.. I have no answers but if you can help a neighbor help a friend, help...please do..

One of the videos showed another truck swerving - our driver didn't slow down and.. This video reminded me of training 10 years ago when a 4 year old boy ran out into traffic. His dad was changing a tire, mom had the kids.. it only takes a fraction of a second. That driver a few years later took his own life as he couldn't handle what had happened - despite of nothing he could do...  

I'll try and be more upbeat tomorrow going into the weekend. I hope and pray that I will never have to deal with this - been some really close calls over the years  

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