Ellie's World

By TristarEllie

Happy Days

I spent the day with my Rosie.

She was brighter today than she has been in ages. I’m sure lots of human interaction has helped - Covid 19 certainly set her back a long way.

We watched the Ellen DeGeneres Game Show - (bit like it’s a knockout for those of you that can remember that!) it made Rosie laugh seeing people fall over & get squirted with foam & water.

The pic today is from one of Rosie’s photo boxes. She comes alive again when she looks at photos. This one is of me & my two little sisters one Xmas when we got nurses uniforms. (My youngest sister always wanted to be a nurse).I’m at the back having had my head chopped off!! This was normal for my Dads photos & still is. Even now people have trees & other random objects coming out of their heads in his photos! He was always however brilliant at taking cine film & they make me cry with laughter when they come out on high days & holidays.

I feel strangely calm about all this now.

Acceptance of the inevitable I guess. Dementia still sucks, but I realise these precious few hours we have together are very special.

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