Kath Gordon

By KathGordon

Having a laugh

As I was unpacking and wiping down the shopping this morning I spotted the blue tit on the fence. He seemed to be enjoying the pouring rain and threw back his head laughing. He cheered me up. I had blipped the scenic route home but it was so misty and murky that there was very little of interest on the beach. 
Tesco was heaving early this morning. I wonder if households are meeting up here as such things are banned in our homes under the new restrictions. Everyone was casting suspicious glances at the contents of the trolleys presumably to see that nobody was stockpiling loo rolls. One lady actually gasped and gave me a strange look. I thought she might be running off to tell the Manager I was overstepping the mark with cake ingredients as my trolley was piled high with everything needed to make 4 large Christmas cakes. Having made a rod for my own back supplying family with them every year the requests keep coming in. I was not challenged at the checkout so I was obviously doing nothing wrong. Mr Tesco probably does not care so long as we are spending money in his store.

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