By FrankS


I mentioned yesterday that today would be wet, it was.  Continuous rain all day, at times heavy. Anybody would think it was Autumn.

After lunch I decided that I can't let a bit lot of rain keep me indoors. I had ventured into the garden earlier to feed the birds, but now I needed fresh air and exercise, and a blip photo for tonight.   So I donned my wet weather gear, opened up the large red umbrella, and went forth.

I went as far as the car park at Anne Hathaway's,  taking a few random pics along the way.  There I took this photo in the empty car park.  I think it pictures the rain, spots on the lens, reflections in the tarmac, and the wet autumnal leaves of the nearby trees.  Anyway I like it!

In other news: we had a nice chat with Jo and James via Zoom; now the weather is becoming unsuitable for outdoor meetings Zoom will be a useful tool for keeping in touch.

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