By spannarama


This chilli plant has the prettiest flowers :)  

Had a lovely start to the day with a Zoom call with my Mum and my brother, for my Mum's birthday.  A great alternative to being there in person.  Tim went off to the local hospital for his Covid test (ahead of his op next week), but said a quick hello to them before he went.  Mum seemed to be having a nice time already - and a massive bunch of flowers turned up from her sister while we were on the call.  She was also being taken out for the day by my sister and brother-in-law later (they'd hired a big van that my Mum could wheel into on her wheelchair).  Shame the weather was so atrocious, but I think they had a nice time anyway.

I opened all the post that had been piling up in the hall for the past couple of days - got a couple of nice new jumpers, plus my welcome pack and journal from the Royal Photographic Society.

Spent the rest of the day feeling like I'm coming down with a cold.  I really can't think where I could possibly have picked it up though - I've been nowhere and seen no one, and we're so careful with all the handwashing, etc.  Weird.  Just hope I don't give whatever it is to Tim now.

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