Our man in Edinburgh

I spent all the day and most of the night working. It was preplanned (not perhaps the overnight part), so Karen organised going out to lunch with friends. 

We have decided to let Calum come back to Abu Dhabi to distance learn. It is not fair being cooped up in a tiny 3x2m room, which is designed for sleeping, not full-time study. Everything  on the campus is closed and the students can’t meet with other flats. 

To return to the UAE he requires a negative COVID test within 96 hours. To that end he travelled through to Edinburgh today for the test. The clinic were very good but only do the test on Saturday and Tuesday mornings. Tests are then sent to London and hopefully might make it back in time. This is not what I expected from  the capital of Scotland. We have pushed Calum’s flight to 95 hours from the test, here is hoping. 

Calum is modelling his new jacket which he just bought as Edinburgh is so cold. 

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