Out and About

By Puffin

Rusland Beeches

My first "real " orienteering event since early March. Our club was putting on an event this weekend for the Orienteering "elite" from the UK and as helpers we had been given a free run around this super technical area in the morning before the Elite race in the afternoon. The weather alternated between drizzle and rain but in the trees you were largely sheltered. My job was then to supervise the "Finish". I stood under a very large umbrella to congratulate the young people as they finished in the pouring rain and remind them to stay socially distanced as they discussed their races.
Blip taken with the GoPro on the way round my course. Being waterproof, it was the only camera I risked taking out with me and it's very small so I could tuck it in a waist pouch with my waterproof jacket. which I didn't wear because I got too hot. It's  a ruin with a control site in the forest
Cumbria Coronavirus advice. The County Council have put out voluntary advice that's more restricted that the general rules in England but very few people know about it because its not made its way to the BBC website where people check the rules in the their area.  Its only on the Council website , which means few people will find it. If they are serious they need to improve their communication. I heard it on BBC Radio Cumbria but its not on the regular BBC sites. 

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