Kath Gordon

By KathGordon

Thumbs up for Sunday

The pictures of Freddie pinged into my WhatsApp while I was out walking. He wants to wish you all a happy Sunday. It was raining in his neck of the woods so a good day to go swimming with Daddy. After a wet start to the day here the sun suddenly appeared and we have had a beautiful Autumn day. I had a lovely walk down to Dragonland where the Comma in the extras was basking in the welcome sunshine. I had the morning to myself - most of the day in fact - as hubby was you know where. I started the prep for 2 of my cakes. I weighed out all the fruit - and picked it over for stalks and stones which are not a welcome addition to any cake. Then I washed it all. It is time consuming but when I see the amount of dirt which comes out of it I know it is worth spending that time doing it. I got it all dried and it is now steeping in brandy. The house smells of fruit and alcohol. I will crack on with making the cakes tomorrow - my day off. I pottered in the garden, got 2 loads of washing done and dried and then sat and soaked up a few rays of sunshine with a cup of tea. I made a huge veggie lasagne for tea and it was ready when hubby returned from his busy day. There was football going on but I think the day was mostly spent gossiping and talking tactics. 

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