Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

Family Foto's

Day 194 of COVID-19 UK opening up and partial locking down again!

As grandchild Jack's Rugby Tot's was cancelled this morning due to the torrential rain, we had a lay on at the hotel before visting Wetherspoons next door for breakfast with the 'bottomless' cuppa. Great value. Other establishments are available!! :)

Late morning we visited the family for a good couple of hours where they wanted a 'photo shoot' of them and newborn Sofia. When grandson Jack was born three years ago they had a photographer at the hospital who did some but due to COVID that's scrapped. Without a plain background and off camera flash I did my best - grandson Jack was a bit uncooperative to start (wanted bribing!) but I did get one where all of them are acceptible.

We drove home in the pouring rain which eased off as we approached Herefordshire, and dry and we got home. You can't beat your own surroundings but an enjoyable weekend getting to know the new family addition.

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