Rain again.

Another very wet start to the day - but it did not stop the birds and insects getting out and about.  I saw several blue and grey tits but was delighted to see the woodpecker and one of his siblings, (a family of four live nearby) as well as the nuthatch which  came back time and again for seeds.  I filled the feeders before we headed off back to Devon later in the morning.
The ladybird was sensibly taking shelter in the greenhouse.
It was windscreen wipers all the way whilst driving - tedious and tiring.  But we'd booked lunch at the Spread Eagle in Stourhead which gave us a lovely meal and a decent break. Commendable how they are coping with their social distancing etc and great grub.
Home just as the sun was going down and the rain slowing down a little thankfully - nothing worse than trying to empty a car in the rain!
Going to have an early night and start anew tomorrow.

Again, apologies for being such a poor blipmate - but I will endeavour to buck up now that I am home again.
Huge thanks for all the stars and hearts spread over the past week - much appreciated.

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