Light in the Dark

Yesterday I began to feel a bit under the weather and this morning I woke up really feeling I had a cold on the way. We were due to visit some friends and drive there with Rose, but I decided I wouldn’t go - our friends are “vulnerable” and there’s no point in taking chances.  Jan went off with Rose and a bit later I realised I’d made the right decision, since I spent the whole day sitting inside, and didn’t eat anything until the late afternoon, when I had a bowl of cereals. That’s not like me at all!
In the evening Jan arrived home, picked me up, and we went off to church to listen to some organ music, and singing. It was tickets only with people very spread out so I didn’t feel I was likely to spread my cold (or whatever). As we left the church I was impressed by the light on the church wall and the big tree. Contrast is exciting!
We’d decided if it wasn’t raining we’d  head off to the biggest waterfall around here, Västanåfallet which is illuminated for a few evenings only this autumn. The weather was dry so off we went.
A very  large elk gave us a dramatic moment as we drove to the waterfall. It suddenly appeared on the edge of the headlights and Jan slammed on the brakes bringing us to a very rapid halt right next to the elk. The elk turned back into the forest, rather than running across the road. We were left full of adrenaline and a lot of what-ifs, but very happy that nothing had really happened. We were the only car on the road, which was fortunate because any following car would have been very surprised by our emergency stop!
At the waterfall there were a lot of cars in the car-park but again we were all very spread out on the 500 m walk through the darkness to the fall. It was spectacular to see and hear and as well as being dry the unusually warm evening made it a very lovely experience. Jan has her blip from there so I added a detail as an extra here.

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