By AH14

Under The Pier

I had a wonderfully leisurely morning - just right to stay snug on such a rainy, dismal day! I even made leek and potato soup - definitely chilly weather food! However, this afternoon, I decided that I really did need some fresh air, so headed of to Bournemouth for a walk by the sea. It was wonderful!!! Yes, it was drizzling/raining, quite blowy  and decidedly bleak looking but I loved it! There were loads of surfboards trying to catch a wave - and I even saw a few hardy souls going in for a dip without wetsuits. I get such a thrill from the wind and the sea air :)) Lots of photos, so there are extras in both this journal and my b&w journal. No extras allowed in 'My Third' journal.

Wild Water in my b&w journal

Riding The Waves in 'My Third' journal

I backblipped a shot from exactly 2 years ago, earlier this evening - from a trip to Remote Uganda, should you care to take a look! 

Many thanks for everything for yesterday's pointed pencils! 

Hope you've had a great weekend, despite the dreadful (UK) weather!

Ann :))

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