MonoMonday: Double Exposure

I really couldn't decide which of these images to go with.
After a very productive day with Julia during which she organised her parents to rip up the unsightly fence around the unproductive berry patch and convert the area back to lawn/sporting field we all went to Graham and Bec's for dinner.
We had also gone berserk with the ice cream maker so took the surplus up for the grandchildren.
The extra shows the benefit of double exposure. Hugh now has four plates of ice cream. He originally ordered one of strawberry and one of chocolate.
The main blip is just the general chaos of a surplus of grandchildren (not that you can have too many). They were not even posing for me. Just mucking around.

Thanks for this great challenge chantler63. 
As trisharooni commented, it demanded more time and preparation than I had available today. We will need to re-visit it.

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