fools challenge

By ladypop

Mono Double

Showery start but soon became mainly grey, some sun.

This morning I went to see my elderly friend and did his housework, then we met up with another couple and had coffee.  Collected some honey, well organised, she leaves it in a box outside, I post the money through the door and leave the empty jars! Went to take a prescription into the chemist and tripped, landed hard on my shoulder and scrapped 2 knuckles!  It's not going well at the moment!
Came home and then went to see the nurse to have my head treated, have to go every day this week to try and get it to heal!  After that I took myself for a nice walk:)  Have no idea how to do double exposures, no what they are but...  Anyway this is a mono double if you look closely!  The extra I just liked!  Had so much rain, big puddles everywhere.  Also finished another jigsaw:)

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