Oooh Sweet child of mine ....

So, you might remember this Child of mine... other wise known as Boy - chucked his job in over a year ago to travel the world, experience the Gap Yah, and grow.

In the first six months they covered China, Mongolia, Japan, Vietnam, Mayalasia, Brunei .... there was something else before Covid hit; but then Covid did hit.... and since then he and Jess are stuck in Kuala Lumpur.

Way back in February he was notified that he had got to the final of a film making competition ... the final was going to be a big screen showing of all the six finalists In

Tooli had lined up her Camp America mates to attend .... and then it was cancelled too, due to covid!

It’s been rescheduled and now there are twenty four hours of public voting and I’m gonna ask you all for a massive favour. Please can you click the link and give his video a heart! Only one vote per IP counts so don’t get carried away :)

Please do watch the video. Don’t just click arbitrarily It’s a really lovely video and if you watch til the end - you’ll see me!

Thank you thank you thank you

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