Peninsula Light

By PeninsulaLight

Some ancient history in this 25 year old, and fading T-shirt. A wee bit of the story uploaded to the appropriate date on t'other journal. Front view above, rear in the extra. Favourite T-shirt, with great fun and laughs associated with the day it was acquired, from the lovely, kind, and generous folk of those fair Northern isles.

Back in the present, there were strong winds to add to the day's rain and gloom. Mild though.

Watched and enjoyed a DVD of a famous film that I missed when it came out, and had (until today) never got around to seeing/watching. It's probably been on the gogglebox numerous times, but there's not one of those here. Local Hero - some great laughs, and gentle fun. Marina's webbed feet particularly appealed to the swimmer, and (once upon a time) occasional triathlete. Brought back plenty memories of those days when it was filmed.

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