By Shutterup


I decided to pick the last of the tomatoes from the plants outside before they succumbed to the rain and the cold. Just over 2Kg of them!!! Wowzaa!  I have separated off the ripe ones ready to eat and now what. Who can tell me the best way to ripen the rest of these green ones.. or should I just go ahead and make the ubiquitous green tomato chutney?  My thought is to lay them out in the sunshine for as many hours as possible each day (limited of course by whether there is any sunshine) other people say put them in the dark (with or without a banana)  Please help me and tell me what you would do to ripen these babies.  Thank you :)

HUGE THANKS to all of you wonderful people who favourite my big blipversary.. all your kindness has put my picture onto Page 1 of the Popular page ... an absolute first for me.. I am delighted.. thank you all for your support and kindness xx

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