The Way I See Things





I'm not sure what... oh! That! Yes, sorry! Didn't know what we were talking about there for a minute!

No. Not me.

No, no, no. Definitely not.

Ummmm..... I just came over in case you might be having ... issues.

Well, you know - with those flying wassnames.

Birds, yes. With the birds.

Well, they're greedy, aren't they? So I thought I'd sit here, you know, and guard all this, ummm.... seed, so they don't eat it. Must be costing you a fortune.

Say what again?

Whiskers? No, I don't think I've got anything on my whiskers.....

Right, well, if you don't need help, I'd best be pressing on then. Things to do, you know? I might look in again later though... Just to check how everything's getting on here.......


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