By RicsPics

Family Coffee

The picture is on the way in to Roberts Park Saltaire. What a difference a day makes! Yesterday I slept all day and evening and suffered an awful mental health day, today the rest must have done me a great deal of good because I’ve felt energetic and back to my old self which was a real welcome relief. When I go through a dark few days i never think I’m going to feel good again but the clouds pass and the sun comes out again. I’ve found when I feel bad I need to try to accept how I feel, and not fight it. I’m reading a book by Esther Hicks about the mind and how to think yourself to feeling better, how to stop the negative thought patterns. Today I walked to saltaire again, met my brother and sister for a coffee at the boat house (it’s becoming my favourite little escape!) my brother has been really unwell and it was great to see him much improved. My sister was in good spirits also after a few weeks of anxiety and worry with my mum and dad not been well. Dad still isn’t well but typical of a nearly 80 year old Yorkshire man he refuses to go to a doctor. That said, mum has finally persuaded him to sign up to the doctors and posted his registration today. So maybe he is softening slightly on it. Other stuff I’ve done today - a big food shop for the week, cleaned the house, put fresh crisp white bedding on for tonight (is there anything better than getting into a friendly made bed?) and I’m just getting ready to go out for tea in Thornton. Getting all of my jobs done today makes me feel settled for the working week ahead.

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