by geese

we heard them - before we could see them - the ‘we’ being me and the boo - you see we’d been bird stalking - some pigeons on the rooftop - again because they’re easy - and boo just loves ‘em - but then suddenly there - was that unmistakable honking - and i thought ‘it couldn’t be’

but i waited with - baited breath and there - it was again to my right - the boo perked up - hearing it as well - and we both focused - then all of a sudden - they appeared all majestic - and lined up in perfect formation

i wasn’t certain i’d be able - to get the shot from my balcony - with pigeons flying - and the slight haze in the sky - yet somehow it’s as though - everything cleared for the moment - like it was simply - me, the geese, the camera - and the sky - abba’s creation; a culmination of ideals wanting to - be expressed in wonderful alignment - one opportunity - one shot to make it...


happy day.....

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