Cost me a fortune

Had to hustle a bit, but in the end I got a fuel station owner to comply with my request to alter his fuel price sign! The blip is taken at the actual fuel station where this happened. 

That's my second blip-year completed. The 'blip' ups:
- I managed to get the 400 in a row badge
- I visited one of John Gravett's workshops again late last year
- I missed only a single day
- I made some new friends and stayed in good contact with all the 'old' ones
- Received a few hearts here and there

The 'blip down': If I have to be completely honest, I must admit I didn't enjoy it as much as the first year and it sometimes felt as a chore. The whole covid-shit-show meant we had to stay home a lot, so I didn't travel as much for work and I regularly struggled to find interesting and 'nice' subjects for my daily blips. I didn't post when I wanted and was quite often just blipping for the sake of it, not for the love of it. In my 365th blip I expressed the wish blip only for the love of it, but broke that 'promise' to myself.

So I have decided to take a short blip-break. Taking a small step away usually gives me good insight in what I want and how I want to achieve that. So don't expect any blips or comments the next week, you will see me back soon enough... (and I will of course check the comments on this milestone blip ;-)

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