The Pensioner

By Pensioner

Heading Home

Back north we did go; and I quite fancied a photo of the car once we got off the motorway. This lay-by just after Biggar provided the backdrop. OK, that’s enough car porn.
As we parked up, the FM was making her announcement to parliament on the latest measures. Unfortunately we’re in Lothian health board area so that’s the pubs and restaurants closed for 16 days. Further afield, pubs and restaurants can stay open till the witching hour of 6pm but can’t serve alcohol. A strange mixture of lockdown zealotry (which has been working so well everywhere) with a bit of prohibition thrown in. I’m sure well heeled Fifers (I believe there are such creatures) can still go for lunch at the Peat Inn where they can enjoy a lemonade. Matching lemonades, even. The scientific evidence is clear. Drink makes you go all touchy feely. I believe that may have been the message that the current FM picked up from observing the behaviour of her predecessor. Haw!

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