By Ridgeback13


Bit of a struggle to get up this morning but then headed into the office.... enjoyed a bacon roll and chat with V to start the day. Spent a chunk of the morning in the weekly team meeting....thinking of our away day tomorrow I was more than usually aware of my frustrations.
Chat to L afterwards, working through the prep for the upcoming systems changes (gulp!). So much is changing at the moment - talk about spinning wheels.
All afternoon in a series of meetings with people trying to get to the bottom of how things are working (or rather not working) in their area, and they all went well. What a contrast with the morning.
On the way home I passed a restaurant with this out of date sign on it....only a few weeks has passed but instead of us being encouraged to be eating out they're being closed down now. So sad....today my instagram feed was full of poignant messages from owners including from some places saying they're closing for good as they can't survive, others desperately trying to keep going just with take away business. 
This year just keeps giving (not....!)

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