By RicsPics

Downton Downtime

Downton Abbey in bed. Busy shift. I love this programme.

Looking like pubs might close once more here in Yorkshire - it’s a shame as we have built fantastic momentum, takings for the past few weeks are approx 30% up on the same weeks last year.

Bucking the trend, given the industry as a whole is operating at approx 30% less on average in England.

I do wonder how we have done this, given two days less trading, reduced opening hours, reduced capacity with table service only and now the 10PM curfew and inability to stage any events.

- I notice people book a table and stay for the whole evening, where they might have had a couple and gone else where, or to a few different pubs.

- We have got the beer right and as a result the loyal beer drinkers have started to return

- I think people in general are trying to put their money back locally

- Perhaps the novelty of the pubs re-opening after lockdown is still a factor

- Perhaps everyone drank so much during lockdown they now just can’t stop

Either way, let’s see what Boris says after the weekend.

Apologies for the crap picture, it’s 23.45 and I realised I hadn’t blipped.

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