Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

The New Office

Finally, after a week of decorating and then waiting for a new carpet to be fitted, we've been able to start moving stuff back into the study. The desk and floor are still strewn with cabling. Even so I thought it worthy of a photograph as I very much doubt it will look as clear of my "stuff" again (well at least until the next time we decorate!

I've also bitten the bullet and bought a 4 bay NAS to store all of the "keepers" amongst my images. When you consider I already had 12TB of storage available (admittedly with 6TB being for back up), I will soon have a further 8TB to use. I just know I will be able to fill the space!

Right, after a week mainly stuck around the house, I have a hankering to go out and take some landscape shots. He weather forecast is suggesting fog and mist first thing. Might be worth a short trip out.

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