Snowy Inkcap

Another damp day, but I felt the need to get out and clear my head, so popped into Castor Hanglands for a wander with the camera. I'd been hoping that the grassland might be full of waxcaps, but I didn't find a single specimen. However, the dung assemblage was progressing nicely, the most frequent species being Snowy Inkcap, which is pure white with an almost crystalline finish when it first emerges, gradually deliquescing to form the characteristic black ink.  

The Latin names of this species is Coprinopsis nivea. The generic name Coprinopsis indicates that this mushrooms genus is similar to the genus Coprinus, which literally means 'living on dung' while the 'nivea' translates as snowy. A very well named fungus - the snowy dung-dweller!

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