Stuff and Nonsense

By Diane2104

Mr Woody

Today was the wettest day of the week and we didn’t manage to find a window to go out where it wasn’t raining, so had a day of board games and bird watching on the feeders outside. I don’t mind it if it rains after we’ve started a walk, but I’m not keen on ‘starting’ a walk in the rain. 
Anyway we were nice and toasty in our lovely cottage and I spent some time in the morning watching the feeders. All week we’ve been watching and I’ve counted 18 different species that we’ve seen from our window plus 4 more from the car park. The most regular visitors were the sparrows and tits (blue, great and coal), a pair of nuthatches and a pair of woodpeckers although we only saw them individually. 
I was amazed at how quickly they scoffed our offerings. We have filled the feeder up three times since we have arrived and they have got through 6 fat balls in four days! But they have been a joy to watch, especially first thing in the morning. I don’t think many other properties were feeding them, so I guess word got around that the buffet was open at No.5 :))
I loved watching the woodpeckers and nuthatches the most as we don’t get them often in our garden at home. 

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