A chilly morning but sunny, by lunchtime the clouds had rolled in but no rain yet! 5pm

This morning I had breakfast and then went down to the churchyard to do some work.  When I got there our local  tree man was taking out the rest of the tree that had fallen the other week with some help.  I got on with sweeping up leaves, tidying up two flower beds and some graves.

Came home, had lunch, sat and read the paper then went for a walk over the common.  Having said yesterday to someone that I hadn't seen any fungi I saw quite a few today!  Not sure what these are but they were colourful.  Extras show one of my favourite trees with some blue sky and the other hips, lots on this bush.  Been a busy day, done 11,000+ steps and feeling good! Although a young lad on a bike just caught my side as he rode by, he did apologise.  

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