My Life With Luna

By chrisA


My friend and I collected Luna this morning and so far she has been an absolute angel.   She settled into her crate on the journey home and after a late lunch (for her) we had an hour or so playtime in the garden where she found an old houseplant watering can and this has become her 'must have' favourite toy.    She then slept for a while, which gave us a chance to get dinner.   
Steven and Alfie came early evening to welcome the new addition and are completely besotted with her, hope Charlie doesn't give them a hard time when they get home!!    He'll be introduced next weekend after Luna has had a chance to settle in.
Forgive me if I don't get to see your journals just yet, I'll try to leave some stars and hearts over the course of the next couple of days whilst we, Luna and I, get ourselves into some sort of routine. 

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