And we're spinning with the stars above

Himself and I were driving home today and Belinda Carlisle was playing on the radio.  

I heard it and I was instantly driving the  Kincardine to Rosyth road, December 1987 to meet his Ship coming back from a six month tour of the Gulf. 

I had last seen him, through teary eyes in the June of that year, 10th June, the day after my graduation ball.   I had been unceremoniously dumped at the gate of the dockyard, and had to walk back to main road to get a bus back to Edinburgh. 

But I was distraught, and howling, and wearing a wrap over dress, and flipflops.   So I just kept walking.   I walked up and over the Forth Road Bridge, and Stood and watched until the Ship left the dockyard and sailed underneath me, and I cried even louder, and walked over to Queensferry and then caught a bus.  Wind blown and red eyed. 

I had met him the August before, seen him perhaps 8 or 9 times been then and Christmas, and then he had been home - working from Roysth for the next six months, until the boat was commissioned and set sail. 

He had been gone, for as long as i had been living with him.  I said to him today, I was driving along, thinking, will he remember me?  Will he like me? 

And then he pointed out to me - I had written over a 100 letters while he was gone - he knew exactly who I was. 

Anyhoos - that was a million years ago - and today, we had a good day.  We got up late - i did some tidying, and he got up even later... 

Tooli facetimed me  - I was beside myself with excitement;  You may remember me mentioning that she is an OXFORD SCHOLAR!!!!! - guess where she was walking home from today..... 


Yes, my Tooli joined the Rowing Club.  

Yes, she is a novice, Yes she has never rowed a boat before, But bloody hell -  living the dream!!  Living the dream. 

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