Mist across the bay

It was only when I answered the door to a ring of the bell that I realised it was actually warm out. I was aware of the sun shining brightly, but the outside temperature came as a big surprise. So I wrapped up my work as quickly as I could and headed out soon after lunch.

Bull Island and Dollymount Strand seemed like a good place to go, and even though the sea breeze made things a lot less comfortable than it had been on the doorstep, still I spent a pleasant hour and a half or so strolling on the beach at different points along its length. Conditions were strange -- very clear towards Howth, but totally different on the far side of the Bay, where it wasn't just hazy, but was positively misty. This was at its most evident as I drove back off the causeway, looking over the marshy land of the nature reserve.

Some more work during the course of the afternoon, then another lazy night and early to bed.

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