By AFoolOnTheHill

On Every Street

My wife has left me (just for 12 days) on a visit to the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides to close up the croft house for the winter. Planned to go with daughter but she is self-isolating after a negative Covid test.

Went into town, all the pubs and restaurants are closed due to Scottish Government restrictions, so much quieter for a Sunday, unless you live on the Isle of Lewis which is like the surface of the moon on a Sunday thanks to "The Lord's Day Observance Society"

My album of the day is "Expando" by Timothy B Schmit. A silky smooth vocalist and an underrated member of The Eagles, also a fine artist in his own right. The album isn't a classic but has a relaxed feel about it, more background music in my opinion, always wondered why I liked Poco.

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