By PicturePoems

Yellow hedgerow flowers

Thanks for all the comments and stars for my yesterblip. As nobody else had seen an iris-head producing seed, it's made me wonder if the weeks without rain (when our pond was virtually dried out) triggered a survival response in the plant, making it need to reproduce itself, just in case.

Today, on our walk around the local Devon lanes, I came across another yellow flower - one I've never seen before and, so far, have been unable to identify. The flowers are a little like mimosa, but slightly larger, and the leaf is definitely not mimosa. I'd love to know what it is if any of you clever blippers can tell me. EDIT: Elwetritsche has suggested the flowers are tansy (a member of the ragwort family) and I think she's right. :-)

It's been glorious weather today. Didn't need coats on our walk. Saw a peacock butterfly (just the one), blue sky, lots of flowers and berries, and even picked a few blackberries (for which it's proving a very poor year).

Now to get the dinner on (with blackberry and apple crumble for pudding). Catch up with peeps anon. (Oh, do look at my Extra, too: a field of contented cows, grazing under a blue sky and fluffy clouds.)

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