Getting the sparkle back

By DomesticGoddess

Swan family

I met up with T at Blackford Pond where I hadn't been since August. The cygnets aren't looking their prettiest it has to be said with their mottled plumage. I thought they looked better in black and white, so that's what I've done to them. They are all still on the pond but I expect some of them might leave soon once their wing feathers have gown in.

There were huge numbers of people at the pond, absolutely none of them doing any kind of social distancing. Maybe it's been cancelled and we just haven't heard, or maybe T and I are in a minority of two and everyone else has forgotten about it/couldn't care less any more. Anyway, T and I decided to beat a retreat and we managed to get the seats in the nature reserve area where we were mostly undisturbed. I've included an extra from there, which was one of those things that makes you scratch you head and wonder what the story behind it is. Anyway, "Star Baker" is what is written on the slice of wood resting on the tree trunk. A bit different from the apron.

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