Peace is the name of the rose, as well as a hope. 

Too much tiny screen time today. We started out early trying to watch the Jets game, but, as usual, it was way too difficult to figure out how to access it. The site that finally worked wouldn't mirror up to the tv, so we had to focus on the iPad the entire time. The feed was jerky, the sound kept cutting out, and the team wasn't playing very well, so we gave up after awhile and settled in for Face Time with friends. My eyes were already spinning around in their little sockets as we segued from the football field to their living room. But alas, more frozen frames and mouths moving without sound. Sometimes I think people are trying to trick me. And some people, like my stepson, have tried that--moving jerkily and mouthing a silent conversation to make me think something's wrong with my machine. And while it's always wonderful to see our friends, and while we had some great laughs this morning, it's hard on the eyes and the brain. It just is. And then we had another Face Time later on. And now here I am, typing away, telling you I've had too much screen time. Just more stuff that doesn't make any sense. 

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