By dfb24

Intentional Camera Movement

Today's theme for MonoMonday, and thanks to GadgetKid for hosting this week. I couldn't sleep this morning so got up at 7:30 & had a cup of coffee, then went to the Lakefront to look for a photo. This image is of 4 boats docked in the harbor, and the smaller shapes are actually wooden poles in the water that boats can be moored to. It was very overcast, but I'm glad I went that early, as within an hour the wind picked up and the fog blew in. We tried another trip to the hazardous waste site (you may remember we tried last week but the line to get in went for several blocks), & I was happy to see there wasn't a line........until we got closer and realized there wasn't a line because it's not open on Mondays. I got "The Look" from Tom, but hey, I can't remember everything. My bad. One of my brothers and one of my nephews have birthdays today, so I sent them each a card with their scratch-offs late last week, and sent them each a Happy Birthday text today. Hope they--& all of you--have a great week! :))

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