Castle Cortenbach

Cortenbach Castle is one of the five castles in Voerendaal. The castle is located northeast of Voerendaal and is now privately owned and not open to the public.

The original medieval castle, of which the remains of the current castle is built, and the accompanying castle farm both date from the 14th century. The only remains of the castle include two round towers made from the local Kunrader stone, probably the corner towers of the outer castle. In addition, part of the wall is left. The current castle was built around 1713 as a mansion by the Aachen merchant Herman Lamberts, who had been lord of Cortenbach since 1682, after having demolished the old one. In 1776 it was largely rebuilt. In 1869 the widow of the last Dutch male descendant of the De Lamberts de Cortenbach family died at the castle.

The outer bailey has a characteristic entrance gate with an onion-shaped spire, an agricultural company is located there. The castle itself was an exclusive hotel/restaurant from 1939. Since 1988, the castle has been the headquarters of the Vebego family business, which is internationally active in facility services and care.

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