By cabbagetree

The Pest

Bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and singing the sweetest song, but he’s a pest. He and his family are constantly scratching up my plants, or burying them, and tossing soil and compost on paths and the lawns. They also rip the fruit from trees and bushes before it is ripe enough for me to eat. If I’m lucky I get about 10% of the ripened crops.

Today as I was filling the watering can at an outdoor tap I glanced down and saw a praying mantis nymph! There were two of them. Still in the first instar, but obviously they have eaten. See extra shot. This nymph is resting after eating. You can see a wing and a leg from a small fly or wasp. The other nymph was actively grabbing at little flies that ventured too close.

Rain overnight made everything wet, but the sunshine was warm, (low 20sC) and there was only a slight breeze. As good as summer.

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