If you go down to the woods today ----

-- You're sure to slip about in the mud.
Plan A: Park at Pipers wood and walk to Hanbury Church.
Abandoned when we decided that steep muddy ascents/descents  and old bones/ muscles were not a good mix, but not before I got this shot of the weak sunlight on the colors in an old tree.
Plan B: drive to Jjinney Ring for refreshments (ie.coffee and cake), then  up to Hanbury Church and walk towards Hanbury Hall. 
Ths went almost according to plan, except that we left the churchyard by the wrong gate and so took the wrong path. This didn't really matter  as we had a pleasant walk in the warm sun and certainly got some exercise.
THe major downside to the morning, my little Lumix decided to greatly overexpose every shot that it took, so none of the beautiful skies are worth keeping. Fortunately I'd already taken today's blip on my Nikon.

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