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By HarlingDarling

Christmas is coming!

The reaction from my lovely husband was very positive - which wasn't a given as he thinks we "have far too much stuff", and he's right. Probably. Anyway, we now have a green and white glass tree which will change colour if you switch it on. This is the raw version, it really is this shiny all by itself. The tree of yesterday has the baubles hung at the end of every branch as well, but this is still to be unboxed. It is going to be a present and the batteries are already in place, ready and waiting.

Today's big event was the sun shining onto us, properly for the first time in 3 weeks. What a blessing the light is! It was really chilly though, the clear sky sees to that. Frost is being threatened but hopefully not here. The geraniums and dahlias are indoors. Just in case the forecast is wrong.

I didn't feel 100% this morning, feeling a bit nauseous which is strange for me. Anyhow I decided a gentler day would be wise and I sorted out the many lights that have been forgotten about in the store room in the red house. It really is fatal having space... So, I fished out lamps that needed new (strange) bulbs, and found everything necessary to give them a new lease of life in the workroom. That feels so much better than buying new ones... and these are old friends from 20 years ago, we bought 6 in different colours and 3 are still going strong, joined this afternoon by two more. One has been scrapped due to terminal complications I guess. 

There will be an urgent need for outdoor lights to cheer up the darkness soon, so I looked out the ones we can leave outside on the new verandah. It will be interesting to see how it takes shape, this new space of ours. But the main job of the day was removing the inner windows from the other two workroom windows and sorting out the damp and dirt... in days gone by these windows would be taken out every summer but I haven't bothered for longer than I care to remember and the result was misty, moisty windows you struggled to see out of after these weeks of rain. The new window really showed them up for the sloppy things they had become. Now sparkling and drying out in the 20 degree air for a day or two.

Of course, removing the inner windows involved moving all the STUFF that was in front of them so the room is once more chaotic and looks horrible. But it's all in a good cause, it will be lovely to gaze out at the snowy world through sparkling windows. I am trying to forget that the snow is a way off, I mean - it's already nearly Christmas, right? The tree is up!

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