By MsMun

Swarm aaahhhhhh-gain!

This time it’s a tiny one.
With no hive ware left, I had to bang some plywood together to make a box, and rung a lady that has an empty Flowhive a few streets away to ask her if she wanted to capture it.
It has been sitting outside as an expensive garden ornament for a year. Ange’s husband raced over on his electric bicycle. Drew and I tried to coax the bees in the box by brushing them, then putting handfuls in. They just were not interested in the box.

Later on, as we looked up at them, wondering why they were resistant (I have a few theories), we had a terrific chat. Ange told me about how the family barely made it out of the Black Saturday bushfires alive. The trauma has impacted upon their mental health in a significant way. She wants to keep bees, but like me a few years ago, did not know where to start nor even knows whether she will like it or not.

The good news is that all the swarms we have caught to date are healthy and taking sugar syrup to build comb.

Another friend dropped by to pick up a travel cage that she brought over last weekend with her cockatiel ‘Indie’. Indie needed a new home because her other cockatiel ‘Ziggy’ has rejected him.
Fortunately our Picasso has an enormous bird crush on the shunned bird. I am going to call him Indigo.
There’s been many attempts of grooming by Picasso, but Indigo finds it all too much too soon.
They are getting along well despite being in different love-gears.

I trundled down to have a look at the empty swarm
box to pop some lemon grass oil in as a bee attractant, just 50cm below the actual swarm at sunset, after picking up my new full suit (I had to get a kid’s size) and more hive ware.
Helen and Rob from up the road had a walk-pause to chat with me. They are happy for me to move some of my boxes to their property.

By the time I managed to come back inside the house, it was dark and I was exhausted from too much social interaction. One relatively unknown person per day is my limit and not all at once.
It hurts my head trying to talk to someone when there is another audible conversation going on.
I can’t process it.

I need to close my eyes and not think about a two way real-time reciprocating communication.
I can be with bees all day but not with people.
This is how I know I am an Aspie.
(That and a whole raft of peculiarities...)

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