Where the Light Gets In

By DHThomas

First score

slowly progressing --
now with other musicians --
tentatively still

Our music theory class is slowly transforming into an orchestra class. I got to try and sound my As at the same time as others were playing their parts.

Not only am I still learning to make this note come out clearly from the cornet, but if you know a little bit about music, I should ideally make it sound for 56 seconds, non-stop... Hahahahahahaha! For the moment, I think I can manage 4. :-D Luckily for me, it is to be played Rubato, meaning I can play with rhythm at will, ie I can take a breath once in a while, as long as I keep the 56 beats in the end.

In our group, there are: two violinists, three pianists, one clarinet player, one percussionist, one harpist, and two trumpet players, including yours truly.

Extra: as you can see, the rest of the score is still a bit fuzzy to me.

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