By Majoayee

A ‘Natural’ abstract!

Sooc I took this on our walk this morning!  An albino ivy i think!  

We were up before the crack of Dawn as the new dishwasher was supposed to arrive between 7:30 and 9:30!   Just as well as they phoned from round the corner and by 9:00 ish had done the job.  They did find out that our socket was problematic! It’s even possible that we didn’t need a new dishwasher!  Grrrr! 

Electrician due Saturday!  

We were tired and just wasted most of the morning!  We did manage a walk!  

That pinky leafy bit is very important in this BCAM month.  Please could you click on this link and then on the pink bar: "Click to give - It's free!"  This is to help towards funding mammograms for people who can't afford them and don't have the NHS we have.  it’s also possible to click more than once a day so long as the clicks are more than three hours apart! 

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