Idyllic Penn State Autumn Scene

Dental business took me back to the oral surgeon's office downtown. It also gave me the opportunity to spend a few minutes on campus, and I did just that, walking around, taking in the foliage colors.

There are some standout trees in certain spots, and they made it lovely for picture taking. I walked by the duck pond near the alumni center, where two turtles basked on a rock in the afternoon sun.

I turned around and looked back, and there was Old Main, rising up above the golden trees. A layer of red behind the little gazebo set it off nicely, as a woman sat on a bench nearby reading her book.

Under autumn colors and a blue sky, the scene looked just about idyllic. If you would ever come here on a pretty October day, you would never, ever want to leave.

The soundtrack song is this one: Dan Fogelberg, with The Power of Gold.

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