By tondrijfhamer


I tried to work today and arrived at my office around 9 o'clock.
I plowed through my inbox and had a few phonecalls.
Around 10.30 I already felt I couldn't concentrate anymore and tried to escape in other little chores. I vacuumed my office, watered the plants and had another cup of coffee.

Then Peter began to text me about when we could fly our drones again. That was my escape! I replied: Now! and left within 15 minutes to get my things.

During the afternoon we flew in different places. We started above a small forest near Wagenborgen (not yellow enough yet) and ended up very close to home at the Niestern Sander shipyard in Delfzijl.
A Wagenborg 'walk to work vessel' is almost ready to be launched.
(Here's a blip of a launch back in 2014.)

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