midwife crisis

By lulubelle

This may or may not be progress! Sticker removal is under way. The letters came off easy enough , but the sliding door was always going to reveal something else going on underneath. It turned out to be a different kind of paint I think, one that certainly came off early with the sticker . I was just glad it wasn’t rust .
Laid on the bed in the camper and rang Hubs to tell him I was laying on the bed ........ yes I’m still v excited .
Glorious autumn morning hack out with Helen T. We walked and talked and laughed for 1 hr 20 mins , got a good walk going and had sweaty ponies by the end .
Lovely Video call with my niece in Norwich , she’s a student midwife and is trying to catch up on placements after a lot of Covid disruption to her ward experience - and now she to isolate for 14 days . She’s a great girl and is positive as ever about life and trying to make the most of it. I’m proud of her .

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