By Seelye

Cauliflower Pea Soup w/Saffron and...

Toasted Hazelnuts. And I will brag, it's delicious and deeply satisfying. It is all organic and vegan too.

The bowl is made by a wonderfully talented Thai woman at my farmers market and I have displayed it on blip before. I just love it. It looks pretty nice on my tile floor too!

I had a good late afternoon catching up with a friend on her patio (that I had not seen since Feb) and her childhood friend that just moved here from Reno, Nevada. We all agreed to go hiking next week in the Preserve. Bev, the woman from Reno still smokes cigarettes so she warned us she is limited. Fortunately where I will take them is pretty but also fairly flat so we can take our time. My hope is she will be motivated to slowly quit. If you decide to get outside and move, it often helps.

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