P is for Peacock

Today when we opened the curtains the peacocks were in the garden. Their tail is approaching full size now and soon they will start to call (forlornly) for a mate. After breakfast we did a load of laundry and hung it out to dry while it was sunny. We then went for a short bike ride to take advantage of the same weather. On our return we took the dry laundry in and I took some more pictures of the "boys".

This morning Percy (the blue one) was on our fence and Pierre (the grey speckled one) was on the neighbours play thing. He got himself in a pickle and the only way out was down the slide - which isn't very gentlemanly! When we got back Percy was preening himself on the plaything and I couldn't see Pierre - but I could hear him in the distance. They usually travel together so wherever one is the other is sure to be close.

Anyway, todays picture is a photography of a male peacock preening himself while perched on the neighbours plaything.

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