By Irish59

Birds of a feather...

...flock together. The flock of rock pigeons that frequents our yard numerous times a day has grown. In fact, it’s more like two flocks that occasionally merges in to one. They surely are jumpy birds. Any loud noise or unexpected movement sends them immediately in to the air; if a half-hearted effort they peak at 4-5 feet before descending again, otherwise it’s straight up over the house to circle several times before landing again. If they’re really afraid they disappear over the tree tops, only to return again. Like clockwork. The cats do love watching them. It’s their version of Reality TV • An early blip for me today as we’re off to an early morning appointment about an hour from here, and we hope to run a couple of errands on our return trip • There’s a light drizzle falling with showers later, and rain after midnight through Saturday morning. No complaints here...BUT the first snow in the Maine mountains is also possible...a signal of what’s to happen here, eventually • Peace to All!

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