Just Coming Into Flower

Our Rhododendron is just coming into flower. It makes such a beautiful show in the front garden as it can be seen from way down the road.

It was a mostly sunny day but there was a very strong, cold wind blowing. When I was coming back from my GP's you cold see the fresh fall of snow low down on the Southern Alps. I took a photo with my cell-phone but it you couldn't see the Alps very will..

I had to go to my GP's as my heart went of the beat again (AF) over night and was still hadn't righted itself in the morning. After contact with the hospital.. by my GP,  I was put on a different tablet to help it settle.. which it did by mid afternoon.

Also I had to go the the Public hospital for a Ultrasound of my finger early afternoon. They couldn't see anything that may have gone into the finger, but they did notice the Nerve seem to be thicker where it is numb. I see the Specialist next week to see what can be done .. if anything.

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